Club Vision

ESPM Club believes that seniors and their families have a strong demand for the services our members provide. Join the link in the supply chain that gives you a place in the Your Senior Team platform.

Club Members

Businesses and professionals offering seniors estate sales, auctions, property aggregators, garage sellers, non-profits, relocation managers, organizers, downsizers, packers, shippers and movers with industry credentials are invited to join.

Club Benefits

Chartered Membership is free. It includes 24/7 digital marketing, up to 3 service zip codes, private dashboard, referrals and proferrals, notifications, emails, status updates, content management, marketing & sales reports, analytics, industry blog, forums and podcasts.

We Offer

Club Member benefits and services for referrals and sales.

Charter Members receive legacy status.

24/7 Marketing

Your Senior Team is a digital marketing platform that works all the time to generate referral transactions by presenting your business to the senior market.


Coming from consumers, they are matched to your business profile. Once you accept a referral you will receive notifications, and updates to facilitate your conversions.

Proferrals TM

These are referrals from professionals and specialists in the senior market platform. As a member you have direct access to the entire supply chain of products and services for seniors.

Reports & knowledge

The platform is constantly mining and collecting data and makes it available to members through tools that generate reports and analytics, and relevant media forms.

Unlimited Marketing And Sales Dashboards


Your Company set up includes a Master Dashboard and one for each sales person you choose to include. Sales staff manage their account and the Company may oversee them all.


Your sales and marketing executives receive an invitation password to set up and manage their dashboard for their referrals and marketing.


The Company has access to oversee all its sales conducted in the Your Senior Team platform and comprehensive reports for activity and analytics.


The Dashboard receives and tracks referrals, activity, status updates, and offers filters to generate relevant sales and market reports.


The dashboard empowers networking, communicating, and sending referrals across the platform to other professionals and specialists.


The dashboard offers members to blog, submit articles, read studies, attend forums, and listen to podcasts about the senior market.

Member Reviews

Your Senior Team Platform

Charter Membership Is Free

As a member you have access and are part of this network of professionals and specialists serving seniors

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