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Serves seniors and their families for the material transitions


Our Mission

Connecting estate sellers, packers, and moving professionals to provide an important set of links in the supply chain. To alleviate the paralysis that sets in when seniors and families are confronted with the issue of what to do with the personal property they’ve accumulated over their lives and what to do with it. The Your Senior Team platform offers a path to its freedom.


Our Values

We insist on the integrity and honesty of our members and our focus is to promote and establish trust between ESPM Club members and the senior consumer. We do this with by qualifying your credentials, license, and authority to serve seniors and families in your trade and profession.


Our Success

It equates to providing consumers easy and informative access to your business and information, gathering qualified referrals, and facilitating their conversion from referral to sale. It starts with your participation and maintenance of referrals sent to you and data available to you and culminates with the power of the Your Senior Team platform.

Your Senior Team Platform

Charter Membership Is Free

As a member you have access and are part of this network of professionals and specialists serving seniors